Navigating Social Media

Convention of the States Update to Be Discussed from 6:45-7:30 PM

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Note Special Start Time

With all the issues with censorship and personal data misuse by services providers and Big Tech, there has been interest in finding providers who respect personal data and refuse to censor content.   Specifically tonight, we will discuss MeWe and Telegraph.  Many have you have asked for a “deeper” dive on MeWe and this is your change.  Rich Inman will present a few solutions describing how to sign up, how to find friends, expand your network, how to share content, and why you would use each solution.


At the first Pirate Radio Session on February 2, several people asked about the status of the Convention of State Project.    Mike Mowry is the volunteer leader and State Director for Convention of States in Ohio.   Mike will join us from 6:50-7:30 (note special time) to give us an update on the project.   In Mike’s words, “I became concerned that the normal electoral process will never address the problem of our Country’s ever-increasing national debt and prospects of passing that debt onto our children and grandchildren.   Join Mike Mowry at this session.


Speaker Bios

Richard Inman’s career has focused on leveraging practical technology innovation for strategic advantage.  After attending Tri State University, he began his career focusing on Manufacturing Process Control and R&D.  He was an early pioneer in Computer Telephone Integration developing multivendor / multiplatform telephony solutions.  He also built and managed early Wireless last mile internet access solutions.  Rich has spent the last 15 years innovating with Kroger Technology.  He has worked with various non-profits to drive digital marketing and social media engagement.  He is a vocal privacy and security advocate.