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232 People Have Taken the Pledge as of 11/07/16

The goal of the Media Accountability Project is to convince the Cincinnati Enquirer and for the next two weeks (October 26-Nov 8) to provide fair and equal coverage of both candidates running for the US Presidency.  This project is an initiative of   Watch as citizens speak out against media bias.


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Media Accountability Pledge   

As citizens, we require coverage of the Presidential Election in our local Cincinnati Enquirer and to be fair and balanced for the remaining 2 weeks of the election.  

If it is not:

**We agree to give up our Enquirer subscription and not read the Enquirer and for at least 90 days.

**We will forward the conclusion of this Media Accountability Project to Social Media and our circle of influence and ask people to boycott the Enquirer and for a 90 day period if coverage is not fair.

Thank you for participating in the Media Accountability Project to hold our local newspaper accountable for what they publish.  Your name, and information will not be disclosed to anyone in connection with this project.

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