Betty Overstreet

Community Relations Director

Betty spent the last 29 years of her career as Office Manager for Sonoco Products, a Fortune 500 Packaging Company located in South Carolina. As Office Manager she became skilled at multi-tasking and changing direction multiple times daily. She was liaison for home office, benefit expert for Cincinnati location, orientated new hires, negotiated with sales people, developed and implemented programs and manuals, and was the go to person for information and/or direction, etc. Betty was one of the Management Team, Hiring Team, and served as Safety Coordinator for 8 years.

She retired at the end of May, 2014, not taking the advice of experts to have a plan for “what you’re going to do once retired”. Instead Betty knowing her involvement aside from her job and having family commitments for her first summer decided to see what would come her way. In February, 2015, she was approached to serve on the Board of her HOA, in 2016 served as HOA Board Treasurer including the communities Budget & Finance Committee, and in 2017 became the HOA Board President.

Having attended EmpowerU classes for approximately four years Betty was asked to serve on the Board in 2016, and recently accepted the Community Relations Director position. Her goal is to use the skills developed through her career to continue the success and growth of the organization. Betty likes being busy, learning, interacting, and meeting new people so increasing involvement with EmpowerU is a good fit.

Until recently she volunteered at Playhouse in the Park for seven years. In the early 1980’s when adult soccer teams were being formed she joined the Greenhill’s Women’s Team, playing for 9 years. After soccer she went on to learn the game of tennis and consequently became a volunteer for the Western & Southern Open, completing 25 years of service in 2017. Currently plays golf or in her words “plays at golf”.

While Betty enjoys getting involved and doing many different things none is more valuable than spending time with family and friends. She has lived in Sharonville for the past nineteen years, has three children and five grandchildren.